Welcome to URP

The Uptodate Research Publication (URP) has a open access Journals to publication of Articles in the field of all subjects. This is providing a global and local service for researcher that is flexible and easy to use and Publish Articles. The aim of the Uptodate Research Publication (URP) is to publish Quality of Articles in all subjects.

Our Group of Journals

  1. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical and Nano Sciences (www.ijrpns.com) – Bimonthly - editorijrpns@gmail.com. - Impact Factor Value - 0.879. PubMed (Under Processing)
  2. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry (www.ajpamc.com) – Quarterly - editorajpamc@gmail.com. - Impact Factor Value - 0.798. PubMed (Under Processing)
  3. Asian Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Research (www.ajpcrjournal.com) – Quarterly - editorajpcrjournal@gmail.com. - Impact Factor Value - 0.612. PubMed (Under Processing)
  4. Asian Journal of Research in Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences (www.ajrbps.com) – Quarterly - editorajrbps@gmail.com. - Impact Factor Value - 0.899.
  5. Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (www.ajrcps.com) – Quarterly - editorajrcps@gmail.com. - Impact Factor Value - 0.899.
  6. Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology - (www.ajrpsb.com) – Quarterly - editorajrpsb@gmail.com. - Impact Factor Value - 0.981.
  7. International Journal of Medicine and Health Profession Research - (www.ijmhpr.com) – Biannual - editorijmhpr@gmail.com.
  8. International Journal of Engineering and Robot Technology - (www.ijerobot.com) – Biannual - editorijerobot@gmail.com.
  9. International Journal of Arts and Science Research - (www.ijasrjournal.com) – Biannual - ijasrmanuscript@gmail.com.
  10. International Journal of Nutrition and Agriculture Research - (www.ijnar.com) – Biannual - editorijnar@gmail.com.


If further clarification and submission of Articles please you contact above given the journals email id.